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Calling all PK-12 innovators,
visionaries, and agents of change.

We support you and your team thru the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for your community and school district.

Thru is a management consulting firm focused on PK-12 education. Partnering with passionate leaders and visionary entrepreneurs, we apply creativity, strategy, and data to re-invent processes, plan strategically and support student-centered transformations.


We help small and large districts engage their local community to develop a vision, partnering with the leadership team to scan the landscape and chart a realistic roadmap to accomplish that vision. 


Innovative solutions are constantly emerging and evolving. We help you ask the right questions and analyze feasibility so you can make big decisions that bring about big change with confidence.


We gather data and input from stakeholders to frame the problem. We explore the issue and conduct analysis to evaluate alternatives for the right solutions for your school district to succeed.



District Strategic Planning


Independent Monitoring


IT Assessments & Strategy


Stakeholder Engagement (Various)


District Boundary Studies

Our work with PK-12 school districts and state Departments of Education


Relentlessly Curious

Just like our students and educators, we are always discovering new paths and new lessons. We bring a beginner's mindset, gather data, and test hypotheses to shine a light on effective initiatives and approaches. It is the first step toward our desire and determination to search for the best ideas and solutions.

Divergent Thinkers

We combine the best of research and analytics with imagination and intuition to understand complex concepts and form innovative solutions, quickly. That's because we look for different perspectives, are unafraid to challenge the status quo, and think outside of traditional ideas and expectations.

Ambitious Dreamers

What do you do if you're getting mediocre results and know you could do better? You don't stop dreaming just because no one sees what you see. We strive to bring solutions that may not be apparent so we can accomplish our collective dreams.  


We are grateful for the dedication of teachers and district leaders working collectively towards a better future for our kids.

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