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Special Education in Early Childhood

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new white paper designed to assist leaders in Districts and state Departments of Education.

A preschool child drawing with crayons

by the Thru team

Under federal law, all school districts have a legal obligation to serve children with disabilities beginning at three years of age. Districts are struggling to meet those obligations for children ages 3-5, however. Many students are not receiving the services legally due to them and others wait longer than the maximum period allowed under federal law to evaluate and determine their eligibility for services. Our new white paper outlines strategies that can be taken to bring the District and Department into compliance with IDEA.

The white paper includes near-term recommendations for District leaders to consider:

  1. Recruit and convene an Advisory Board of ECSE teachers and staff to learn from their experiences and make recommendations to District leadership.

  2. Assess business processes (e.g., referrals, registration) with a focus on inefficiencies and breakdowns. Define enhanced procedures and workflows.

  3. Inventory the data assets the District already has access to, as well as gaps where information is needed. Assess District applications’ (e.g., SIS) fit/gap.


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